I’m Leticia, founder of Tech Savvy Mama and a DC Metro area dwelling mom of a tween and a teen.

Since 2008 I’ve combined my knowledge of child development, psychology, education, technology, and parenting to provide useful advice for families about the technology tools that have become a part of their lives on my own site, around the web, and for clients.

I founded my award-winning Tech Savvy Mama site based on personal and professional experience. I’ve always had my finger on the pulse of hot new apps, educational games, social media tools, and digital devices and I enjoy helping today’s parents navigate the digital age.

My depth of knowledge about the technology and education space makes me well suited for working with brands in various capacities. I work as an educational consultant and digital strategist, educating brands about the social media space, helping them develop technology based educational materials for use in today’s digital classrooms, and assisting them in telling their stories in the social space.

Whether it’s educational initiatives like my work with local middle schoolers to launch a cube satellite into orbit, fundraising for causes near and dear to my heart, or heightening awareness of Haiti, philanthropy is a big part of my life but not limited to these four ventures.

I love sharing my expertise and perspective on technology and parenting at national education, technology, and social media conferences as well as through online and print publications and television appearances. Here’s a look at some of the places I’ve written around the web.

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